Aberdeenshire Council's Policy and Resources committee has continued to make progress with a flood defence scheme for Stonehaven. The council's website carries the following report of the meeting:

Committee round-up: Policy and Resources Committee 11.09.14

STONEHAVEN FLOOD PROTECTION SCHEME - Funding for the scheme was approved in principle at a provisional estimate of £14 - £16 million

Officers were asked to pursue all possible funding opportunities from the Scottish Government. Director of Infrastructure Services Stephen Archer advised that the council is in talks with Cosla which has been given responsibility for identifying areas of priority for funding from underspends. Cllr Hamish Vernal also gave his full support to working with the Administration to make the Council’s case as strong as possible. Committee recognised the importance of progressing flood prevention activity across a number of communities in addition to Stonehaven and all were keen to see work progress as quickly as possible.

Councillors heard that the scheme could be confirmed early in 2015 if the current rate of progress continues and if there are no objections to the legal Flood Order. If this were the case, construction could begin by late 2015, with a construction period of around 18 to 24 months.