For some months now a local steering group consisting of Councillors Peter Bellarby and Graeme Clark,and  local residents Clare Clouston, Susan Jenkins and Rachel Shanks has been putting together an application for the town to be approved as a FairTrade Town.  The good news is that this week the application was successful

Not only that, the local group was applauded for “making huge progress in promoting Fairtrade among local establishments.”  The offical eport also praised the application for having the support of every school in Stonehaven and promoting activities in schools, for example Mill O’ Forest pupils making posters to explain what Fairtrade is and how to support it.

There is a Fairtrade Sale on the last Saturday of every month in South Church, Cameron Street, from 10am to noon with the next sale this weekend.  

Places stocking Fairtrade items or anyone wanting more information can contact Rachel Shanks on 01569 668087.