The Stoney Express has become a familiar sight and sound around the town in the last few weeks, and the Stonehaven Town Partnership (STP) has confirmed that it is seeking funding to add an extra carriage and double the capacity for next summer.

Isabel Munn, of STP, said: “I’m currently looking for funding for a new carriage, PA system and covers for the carriage for wet and windy weather to keep the passengers dry.

STP has also confirmed that a Steering Group has been set up for the Harbour Development Feasibility Study, consisting of Wynne Edwards, Michelle Ward and Isabel Munn (all STP), William Munro (Aberdeenshire Council Area Manager), George Cameron (Aberdeenshire Council Principal Engineer Harbours Roads and Landscape Services) and Karen Smith (Aberdeenshire Council Area Project Officer).  The steering group will meet in mid-October to select a preferred supplier and then commission the study.  Upon completion of the study STP, with the support of Aberdeenshire Council, will engage in a full public consultation process to determine the support there is for the potential solutions given in the Feasibility Study.